Exciting news! We’re looking for people to join the VSA Amsterdam board of 2024-2025. Serving on the board is a fantastic opportunity to gain new skills, meet like-minded people, and enhance your resumé while keeping the formal side of our association running smoothly.

Currently, we’re seeking at least three individuals to fill the following roles:


In the role of president, you keep an overview of the association.
Tasks include: leading operations, organise meetings, and champion our events.


In the role of secretary, you are in charge of internal communication. Tasks include: taking minutes, manage registrations, newsletters, and documents.


In the role of treasurer, you keep track of our finances and formal affairs. Tasks include: keeping overview of finances, handle budgets and reimbursements.

Alongside the three essential roles, we have various other open vacancies as well:

Head of Events

Plan and execute exciting events.

Head of External Relations

Build partnerships and collaborations.

Head of Marketing

Manage our social media and website.

These roles are not mutually exclusive! For example, you can be both President and Head of Events, like our current President, Isa. If there’s a role you’re passionate about that isn’t listed, let us know—more options are possible.

What are we looking for?


This might not come as a surprise: one of the main conditions of a board member is that you are vegan-minded!


As a board member, you need to currently study, or have studied the previous year, at a university or a university of applied sciences. 


One of the most important things is motivation and willingness to learn. You will work 1-2 hours per week on the association, so you need to have fun!


As we are an international association, you need to be able to express yourself in English.

Something for you?

If you’re passionate about veganism and want to help shape our community, send us a (short) motivation to express your interest. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. You’re also welcome to join us at our board interest event on Monday, the 10th of June. There, the current board will provide more information about the roles and there will be room to discuss any questions or considerations you have.

The current board (2023-2024). From left to right: Hessel, Isa, Rhodé, Joanna