Talk: “Nederland is vol!”

Studio PDZ Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam

Come to Pakhuis de Zwijger for "Nederland is vol! " on June 20th at 20:00. This event explores the spatial challenges of the Netherlands, questioning the necessity of extensive livestock...

VSA Utrecht – End of the Year PARTY

Oudegracht 32 Oudegracht 32, Utrecht

On june 29th, VSA Utrecht is hosting their end of year party! The party is themed to praise their spirit animal of the year one last time, so it will...


VSA Utrecht – COWmunication

Rundveemuseum Aat Grootes Schoolstraat 43, Aartswoud

OPEN EVENT Let's kick off the summer with a "Moo!" Every child learns: the cow says moo. But what does 'moo' actually mean? Have you ever wondered what cows are...


NL Vegan Fair

Laurenskerk Laurenskerk, Rotterdam

Yes, you heard it right: the Dutch Vegan Society (NVV) is organizing a Vegan Fair this year. It will be a great event with vegan snacks, carefree shopping, inspiration from...